Heaven Is Here (Il cielo è qui) – Mc Yogi

written by redazione



the promised land
is in the palm of our hand
not confined by the lines
drawn in the sand

buried in flesh
hidden in bone
the kingdom of heaven
is embedded in the soul

in order to return
and become whole
we must be humble
surrender ego

let go
of the future and the past
feel the light that shines
right through the mask

illuminate the path
draw the mind back
illuminate the path
draw the mind back
illuminate the path
draw the mind back
it’s hidden in this moment
buried right where we’re at

heaven is here
when the mind is clear

into love
i dissolve my fear

heaven is here
when the mind is clear

our concentration
draws it near

lost in the desert
looking for oasis
taste bliss
take the mind to genesis

exodus to the space
no nemesis
fly into the sun
like young Icarus

born from the dust
rise up like a phoenix does
through the gates of the
kingdom so glorious

marching forward into love
like a warrior does
return to the one
and become victorious

the promised land
is not found on a map
gotta draw the mind back
pull out of the trap

move back retract
make direct contact
it’s hidden in this moment
buried right where you’re at

lost in a strange land
caught up in this game plan
trying to find my way back
to the train station

looking outside
but it’s not a place, man
it’s a state of mind
grace land

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