Che accadrebbe se si disponesse di un giorno per favorire il cambiamento del mondo con la musica? Il 22 settembre 2012, musicisti e appassionati si riuniranno per il “Playing For Change Day” con il comune intento di sostenere l’educazione musicale dei bambini in tutto il mondo.

What if you had one day to change the world with music? On 22 September 2012, musicians and fans will come together on Playing For Change Day with a shared intention of doing something positive for the world and supporting music education for kids everywhere.

The PFC Foundation’s 1st PFC Day in September 2011 inspired 225 events happening in 41 countries. And we were just getting started – PFC Day 2012 is sure to be an even bigger gathering of fans and musicians, rhythms and voices around the world Please mark your calendars and join the movement to spread peace, love, and MUSIC!